Saturday Seagarden Spoils

Garden Harvest 17.4.2010: 4 large cucumbers and the last of the cucumber plants; 1 glorious white icicle radish; 2 dwarf beans or french beans; 8 large, 11 small and 17 green potatoes; 1 curvy carrot; 13 ripe strawberries; marigolds (to make space for new plantings); and 6 baby beets. Planted: spinach, purple kohlrabi, cauliflower snowball, cauliflower green macerata, cabbage mix, misome and mustard greens.

  • I couldn't love a crippled carrot but a curvy one is a different story. Great illustration.

  • gardengeeknz

    Ha! Thanks!

    You're probably right. I'm guessing red spider mite:

    In the interest of reasonable image size I cropped my sketches of insect encounters which included leaf hoppers — only this time I held one up and peered underneath its "invisible" leafy green cloak to discover a rather ordinary white segmented body. Also, the most elegant stick insect I've ever seen.

  • MIke

    That is adorable.

    I'm betting the red insect was a big mite. Which you would think would cancel out, like dwarf mammoth, wouldn't you?

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