Tamarillo Ripening Tip

Tamarillos Ripening in the Seagarden

Tamarillos ripening in the Seagarden

QUESTION from a Garden.Geek.NZ reader:

I wonder if you have any suggestions for ripening windfall tamarillos? We had some extremely strong winds recently here in New Plymouth NZ and so many of our fruit fell to the ground and are still very green. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  —Lyn

Dear Lyn,

Tamarillos are sensitive to ethylene gas, so storing them with other fruit can help them ripen. However, if the skin is still very green, they won’t ripen to optimal tastiness. Best wishes with the rest of the fruit!
Here’s some interesting technical info:

And when the rest of mine ripen, I’m looking forward to making these mulled tamarillos!

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