Botanical Name: Rubus pentalobus
Family: Rosaceae
Also Known As: Taiwan creeping raspberry, Creeping Taiwan Bramble, Creeping Rubus, Crinkle-leaf Creeper
Origin: Taiwan
Source:Incredible Edibles

An excellent plant for weed suppression or to stabilise banks, to prevent erosion, and wonderful in pots or hanging baskets with the rich foliage flowing over the sides, trim the edges to maintain size. Arriving in spring are delicate white flowers waiting for the passing bee. Followed by orange-raspberry fruit reminiscent of childhood orange cordial. Cancer-fighting ellagic acid, fibre-rich seeds, vitamin C & A, folate, potassium, iron & calcium

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  • 09/02/2010 Purchased a lovely specimen
  • 19/04/2010 They have really taken off and formed an effective groundcover for the raised berry area, suppressing any weeds. They haven’t flowered or fruited yet, but recent newsletter from Incredible Edibles suggests that planting them near raspberries and blackberries aids pollination.