Botanical Name: Pisum sativum
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Also Known As: 豆苗 (dòu miáo – pea shoots), 荷兰豆 (hé lán dòu – snow peas), matar (Indian food)
Origin: Neolithic Syria, Turkey and Jordan
Source: ‘Snow Pea’ from Palmers in punnet and ‘Pea Progress’ from Kings Seeds:

Bred by one of the greatest ever pea breeders  Thomas Laxton. This leading home gardener variety develops vines that are renown as being big, productive and with good disease resistance. Dark green pods contain 8 peas and often up to 10. Consecutive plantings every 3 weeks will ensure a summer long treat. Excellent for shelling, freezing or just eating from the vine. (55 days) Heirloom; 7-20 degrees; 6-10 days; 60cm height – Stake; Cooler Temps; 1.3; Direct Sow; 100 seeds; Gourmet.

  • 17/01/2010 Planted seedlings of snow peas from punnet in strawberry patch.
  • 30/01/2010 Planted ‘pea progress’ from King’s Seeds in peat pots on windowsill