Spaghetti Squash

spaghetti squash seedlings 29.01.10
Scientific Name: Curcubita pepo
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Also Known As: 鱼翅瓜 (yú chì guā/fish fin melon — I guess it resembles shark fin in appearance, but it’s much, much more tasty and results in much better karma), vegetable spaghetti, noodle squash, spaghetti marrow, squaghetti
Origin: Uncertain, likely Americas, a wonderful journey around the possibilities with Polyglot Vegetarian
Source: Niche Seeds NZ

Spaghetti Squash are monoecious, that means they have separate male (staminate) and female (pistillate) flowers. You can tell them apart as the female flowers grows from a base of the baby squash.

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  • 17/01/2010 Started seeds in peat pots with compost.
  • 30/01/2010 Planted six seedlings (along with Okra Burgundy and Okra Clemson Spineless)
  • 28/02/2010 The two plants in strawberry patch are thriving, two near the tomatoes are doing well and the two near the feijoas are okay but not showing as much growth.
  • 19/04/2010 I have squashes! At least 3 growing. The plants in the strawberry patch grew largest and spread most abundantly. Those near feijoas are a bit moldy. The two near tomatoes doing well too.