Seagarden Plan

Here is the plan for Seagarden, rendered in coloured chalk on the kitchen wall. The physical space divides into five distinct components, described below in the state I first encountered them. Layer on top the histories and mythologies of this land and my own inspirations from around the world.

  • The Kitchen Garden
    Currently featuring a beautiful wall of figs puka, raised garden filled with strawberries and marjoram, and feijoa plants around the perimeter. This is great spot for growing vegetables.
  • The Orchard
    Currently lawn (well, flat weeded area) with full day sun. Raised planter around perimeter with young citrus plantings — lime (Tahitian and kaffir) and mandarin orange (miho and satsuma) — shrouded in weeds.
  • The Fernery
    This area is hidden from the street, but visible as you approach the entrance to the house. It is currently trampled from painting exterior but looks like it could be an ideal fern environment. And/or fungi! Would like people to encounter a wonderful lush verdant surprise.

    four koru
    The koru is the Māori name given to the new unfurling fern frond symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace. The circular shape of the Koru helps to convey the idea of perpeptual movement while the inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin.

  • Meditation Garden
    Evergreens and olive trees line inner courtyard. Would love to see trailing jasmine falling over the edging and filling the area with its scent. The courtyard is paved with a water feature (not currently working) and accessible through the office and living room.
  • Native Gardens
    The front yard and sloping area along the side of the house are already beautifully filled out with self-sustaining native flaxes, flowers and succculents. There are a few places to edit and optimize, but basically plan to let it grow and do its thing. Explore possibility of climbing plants over front screen wall making it a green wall.


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